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Where does the wood for your bats come from?

The best Sugar Maple comes from Canada. All of our Maple bats are made with the finest Canadian Sugar Maple billets we can get our hands on each season. Our Ash and Birch billets are harvested from the Northeastern part of the United States- specifically Pennsylvania, Maine and New York. Bottom line- we use the highest quality wood that we can get our hands on every season.

Which should you choose first, the wood type or bat model?

We suggest that every hitter become more familiar with the various models first. Once you know which model best suites your swing or type of hitter you are, then determine which wood to order that model in. This is easy to do with VALOR Bats, as most of our models are available in the three types of woods we offer: Ash, Birch, or Maple.

When reviewing the models you should look at three components of a bat: knob, handle and barrel. These three aspects differ for each model. It should be noted that the model numbers are typically the same across the industry. For example, our model 110 has the same dimensions as other bat makers’ model 110. The difference between the VALOR model 110 and other bat maker’s 100 lies in the wood type, quality of the wood, and the finish. Below you will find more information about our three types of wood that we offer. If you would like for us to help you select the right model, please contact us at info@valorbats.com and we will get back with you in 1 to 3 business days.

Which is the best type of wood, or, what is the difference between wood types?

We offer three types of wood: Ash, Birch and Maple. We do offer one Bamboo model, however it is considered to be a composite as Bamboo bats are technically made by compressing small Bamboo billets. This allows Bamboo bats to have considerable 'flex', and means they are very durable. As a result Bamboo is an ideal bat for someone transitioning to wood for the first time, or to use as a bat for use with pitching machines.

Our Ash, Birch and Maple bats are made from one solid billet. Below is a table comparing the properties, benefits and limitations of each wood. If you have any questions about which wood is best for you, please contact us at

Which model is the best model?

Selecting the best model is more about selecting a model that is the most comfortable fit for the hitter. When comparing the models, you should focus on the knob, handle and the barrel. Flared knobs fit comfortably in larger hands. A smaller or larger handle is generally a matter of preference. A thicker handle typically allows for more control of the bat throughout the swing. Finally, larger barrel bats are best suited for hitters with more power as this makes for an end-loaded feel in the hitters swing. If you would like for us to help you select the right model, please contact us at info@valorbats.com and we will get back with you in 1 to 3 business days.

Does engraving affect the integrity of the wood?

Engraving on a bat looks very nice, especially on Maple wood. However, where the engraving is located on the bat can affect the integrity of the wood. Our experience indicates that engraving at the end of the barrel does not affect the integrity of the wood as much, provided that it is limited to a reasonable space. You'll notice that our trademarked VALOR 5 logo is not engraved. Engraving on the mid-section of the bat will weaken the wood and potentially become a site where cracks could form and ultimately break the bat.