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The word 'VALOR' was chosen as part of our company name as a way to show appreciation for the service of men and women in the military. Our designs are inspired by the uniforms, equipment, and flags used in the armed forces. All of our bats are selected from the best wood billets of top grade Canadian Maple, Birch, and Ash from the Northeastern United States. All of our bats are made to order.

Every bat we produce is pro quality, game ready.

Inspiration for VALOR Bats:

  • Corporal stripes on military uniform - Military insignia on uniforms are the inspiration for the trademarked VALOR Five logo. The stylized '5' symbolizes the five branches of the military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. VALOR Five is a tribute to the service of the men and women in every branch of the military.
  • Black Stripe - Any bat that is half-dipped will have a strip of black tape. This tape is a reminder of those we have lost in service to our country.

At VALOR Bat Company, At VALOR, we work directly with our clients to make a professional grade product for the hitter who appreciates top of line service and lumber.

VALOR Bat Company, LLC
P.O. Box 326
Wellborn, Texas 77881